Q & A – About this blog

What is this blog?

This is a development blog for visual novel I plan to make. I will post a development progress for the game that still not released or inform you some update for the game already released.

Is the visual novel title same as the title of the blog?

No, it’s not. I have a plan to make this game have a universe in the future, but with different story and or different timeline. I make Echia to connect for each other, and will appear in every story in the VN. You could say she is a maskot in my story.

How big is your team?

For now, I working this alone. I will considered to hire skilled people or, collaborate with other people who have interest in VN with royalty shared term.

Do you stream your development?

For now, I don’t. I probably will do it in the future after I release some games.