About The Author

Hello, I’m Putragonist, a programmer from Indonesia, and welcome to my Visual Novel development blog.

I’m still studying for bachelor degree(and now the final project!) and doing a part time job for a dev house company as a back end programmer. Wish me luck 🙂

I know programming since start in the college (I know it’s late, but I’ll do my best). I created games before just for hobby, study, and training purpose. I have created some small game like shooter game (Unity), pet game (XNA), quiz game (XNA, Unity, OpenGL), and RPG (RPG Maker).

Well, I said that, but I already forget everything about OpenGL and XNA. I learned them about three or four year ago I guess? But I still fallin in love with how XNA framework works. It’s bad Microsoft already release a hand from the project. Probably because it’s amazing but completely free (:p). For OpenGL and DirectX, I think it’s too late for me to learned it, so I don’t really have any interest to use it. I prefer to use third party engine for now (And that’s makes everything limited  but easier. I know. :p).

In this time of study, I know some algorithm . I had learned and build app with learning algorithm, like Neuro algorithm and Genetic algorithm. I had learned and build app with sorting/tree algorithm like A* and C4.5 . Have some knowledge about Monte Carlo algorithm and ANFIS (But not really build it). And want to implement those algorithm in my games someday, so I’ll not have regret to have learned it (:p). But for now, I focusing to make game worth playing.

I have an average math in total. I am not really good with counting or so. Still need to see a formula in internet and use calculator to solve some problem. So if you ask me a spontaneous math problem, I probably gonna tell you, “I dunno, let me googling first. Or, will you?”.

I don’t really fond of my art, but if you insist, you can  check it out in here. I often doing some fan art or design original character in Saturday or Sunday.

About writing, I start with it from grade school until high school, and then hiatus when I start on college until now. Not really have experienced to write in English or give it a go in international contest. Yet, want to create a visual novel for international market. How silly I am :p

About everything, I love manga, novel, anime, game, and japanese culture. So it’s possible what I made will contain some of it.

And there’s everything I can tell for you. Wish you have a nice day.


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