Gerhana is a teen which have a bit extra ordinary life, which he think is not really a special. Like How average he is with his hacking skill, how common his reading and typing speed in front of his monitor, and how he still has something he afraid for. He know he is not something special, and know he still human without super power.

He has two friend which cannot be separated from him. They Nina and Rendy, which are another uncommon persons in the world. One with the ability to steal anything if she want to, and one is a man with invisible mask, the criminal behind the scene.  They meet in the past with story which cannot be told, but tighten bond in the progress.

They attend the same school, which has another uncommon story. Like every school has 7 mystery in school, it has too, unless it’s kinda official. There’s a building which has tight guard, and no one ever seen anyone walk in or out from that building. Manny gossip told from ‘they doing some kind experiment in there’ to ‘they keep an alien in there’, but no one ever know what the truth inside it.

But then the story start, when Gerhana look at his shoe locker and get an invitation to visit that building. Then it gives warning, if he accept, he probably cannot go back to outside world, but if he reject, he probably will be killed.

Who is gonna kill Gerhana? What are the reason for him to be killed?

Unravel the mystery about Gerhana past and the truth behind it. Unlock all the memories that been lie all along!!

* * * * * *

Echia Chronicles:Gerhana (Probably temporary since I still search for a better title) is a kinetic visual novel or linear visual novel that I still developed. This blog about what I already did in development, Idea, and opinion.

Want to ask something? Please leave a comment, I really appreciate it!!

Just make sure to not be such a jerk or mean to anyone, Ok 😉


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