Day- 10: Prototyping


Just doing some prototyping and translating from Indonesia to English. So much editing since my English is not very good and my grammar is very messy. Will not post it until the language become less horrible…

I make the prototype with Tyrano builder. It’s not really powerful, but creating visual novel become very easy with it since I don’t need to do programming at all. So, this engine actually very useful for creating a prototype.

Every graphic will use placeholder graphics since the design is still not finished. Still, every placeholder sprite character will using my own art (See post Day-12) . For background, for now I using the default from Tyrano Builder.  If I have money, I probably just commissioning every art in the game since I’m not really proud about mine (You can look into my art in My art gallery).

The prototype will be posted in (Since it has support to post a prototype). Yet, it still need a medium way to finished. I hope it finished before this two weeks.

So, wish me luck 🙂


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