First Blog (Day-1)

Hello, Greeting everyone,

Welcome and Thank you for visiting my blog,

Let me introduce myself first, I’m putragonist, a game developer from Indonesia.

I created games before just for hobby, study, and training purpose. I have created some small game like bullet hell, shooter game, pet game and quiz game.

But for now, I want to make some game that I never created before, a visual novel (game?). A kinetic visual novel game (Really, is that even a game?)

You probably thinking that kinetic visual novel is not really a game. It’s a novel. With a picture. You doesn’t play, you read. Well, I can’t get any wrong if you said that. Yeah, it’s not a game, but for me, to made it, it’s challenging as creating a game.

I’m going to make the VN with Unity which is actually an engine to create a many game rather than just Visual Novel. I already using Unity for more or less three years now, and I already have an experience in it, even of course there still so much thing to learn. It’s not made to create visual novel, but still Unity is powerful. It can do anything if you want it to be. And if in the future I’m gonna make some game with any genre and want to combine it with visual novel genre, using Unity for Visual Novel is the best choice I have.

I’m gonna make a visual novel with unity from scratch for now. There are so many asset in there to make VN easier, but somehow, when I look at documentation of it, they made me (as developer) limited to create something what I truly want. For now, as long there no asset that fulfill what I need, I won’t rely on it.
But I probably still using asset for enhanced graphic, sound effect, or music tho’.

This are the features that will be implemented in my VN, in the order of importance:

  1. Kinetic visual novel. That mean there will no branch which made a different ending possible. It’s linear story, with one ending.
  2. Two Language: Indonesia and US English.
  3. Skip for already been read texts.
  4. Auto text.
  5. Save
  6. Load
  7. Quick Save
  8. Quick Load
  9. (Limited) History
  10. CG Gallery
  11. Community translation.
  12. Graphic MOD. Will made you possible to change the character sprite and CG in the game. (If you think my drawing suck, you can change it as you want. Or you can change it for a lol).

And this feature will be implemented in engine, but not in the game. This is for a future development if I want to make another visual novel game:

  1. Branch trees

Aaaand that’s all about the scoop what I need to develop in my VN in Unity.

Now lets go for things that very important in make visual novel. A Story. Without a story of course there will be no Visual Novel.

So, What the Stories?

You are Gerhana, a highschool student in Pilar Ilmu High. You think you are a normal student like anyone else except you are a hacker, and with some extraordinary best friends, Nina and Rudi.

You live happily with your normal life, until finally you found a letter in your school shoe locker. There’s no name in it, but she/he want to meet you in Building number S, A part of school that no one ever seen get out of that place. And in there, the lies of your life that you doesn’t even know will uncover all the truth that you never ever think of before.

When is the story?

It will be 50 years in the future from years ago, so… Errrr…. 2015 + 50 = 2065.

Where is the story happen?

It’s in Semarang, Indonesia. Well, I never in there before but since it’s in the future and the world had been change since now a location is not a matter. It just like a fantasy region with the real name of it.

Who are the character in the game?

For now, I still building some character in the story. There will be more of it, but for now, this who have been implemented in the story (Click on the name so you can go to character description. Some of it still doesn’t have a link tho’):

  1. Gerhana
  2. Nina
  3. Rudi
  4. Echia
  5.  S13254072/ Misty / Clumsi / ???
  6. Vera Red

How long will the story goes?

Well, This is a relative case. My target is creating story with word around minimum 10000 words or more in Indonesia language and or line around 1200 line or more (I don’t know how long will be in English since it’s not yet translated). If you read word by word and  have a reading speed like average human (in wiki it’s  more or less 300 w/m), the Visual length will be a half hour. But if you read it in hurry, and skip some lines, the length of visual novel probably will be around 10 minutes (Since I count you need around 1 second to read two lines of VN text).

Yup, that’s all about the story of VN that I will make.

Now, let’s go to the progress. What have I been done to finish what game that I want to be created.

First, for the story, I already write around 5000 words in Indonesia. It still need editing and proof reading  but I will do it when all the story finished.


Second, for programing ,I still in experimenting step. I already done  some work in ‘choose a language’ and import translated language from excel to unity, but still need a way to export all the text to excel (useful for proof reading and text correction rather edit it manually in Unity). Make some animation and transition between scene, like when character appear, some text animation effect, etc.


Finally, it’s all what can I say about my VN Project. If you reading this until the end, Thank you very much, I really appreciated.

If you want to ask anything to me for my project you can email me at,

Or if you want to donate you can use paypal button in top of the post. The money will be use for me to commissioning some asset and CG, and to keep living so I don’t starve to death when I made this game. Thank you ^^


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