Gerhana is a teen which have a bit extra ordinary life, which he think is not really a special. Like How average he is with his hacking skill, how common his reading and typing speed in front of his monitor, and how he still has something he afraid for. He know he is not something special, and know he still human without super power.

He has two friend which cannot be separated from him. They Nina and Rendy, which are another uncommon persons in the world. One with the ability to steal anything if she want to, and one is a man with invisible mask, the criminal behind the scene.  They meet in the past with story which cannot be told, but tighten bond in the progress.

They attend the same school, which has another uncommon story. Like every school has 7 mystery in school, it has too, unless it’s kinda official. There’s a building which has tight guard, and no one ever seen anyone walk in or out from that building. Manny gossip told from ‘they doing some kind experiment in there’ to ‘they keep an alien in there’, but no one ever know what the truth inside it.

But then the story start, when Gerhana look at his shoe locker and get an invitation to visit that building. Then it gives warning, if he accept, he probably cannot go back to outside world, but if he reject, he probably will be killed.

Who is gonna kill Gerhana? What are the reason for him to be killed?

Unravel the mystery about Gerhana past and the truth behind it. Unlock all the memories that been lie all along!!

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Implementation :
Engine                              : Unity Engine
Target time                     : No Deadline
Genre                                : scientific action adventure
VN Mechanic                  : Kinetic VN
Is Commercial               : Yes
Target Story Length    : 50k word

Game design    :
Level design    : 0%

Feature    :
Implemented story    : 1%
Skip text        : 0%
Auto text        : 0%
Save            : 0%
Load            : 0%
Quick Save        : 0%
Quick Load        : 0%
History            : 0%
CG Galery        : 0%
Feature been canceled    :
Dual Translation (Indo-English) : I Decide it to be EVN.
Graphic Mod            : It’s posible, but time consuming. Especially for community translate.

Draft Story
(Full) Story         : 5%
Nina (Past) Story    : 80% (It’s 100% but not realy sure to put it 100%)
Randy (Past story)    : 20%


Full Story
Main Story         : 10%
Nina past story        : 0%
Randy past story    : 0%


Art Design:
Character Design : 3%
CG         ; 0%
Background     : 0%

Protagonist :



a.k.a Misty (Real name not decided)



Side Char (Protagonist) :
Super hero group called (HAS).
Jodi (Randy acquaintance)


Side Char (Not important Character) :
Student girl
Student boy
Protected student girl
Protected student boy
teacher male
teacher female

Antagonist        :
AIB (Echia’s Enemy, main Villain)
Misty’s brother
Side Char (Antagonist) :
Mecha controlled by AIB
Mentioned :
Danu (Gerhana’s father)
Nerila (Gerhana’s mother)
Mysty’s mother


Change 1 (21/1/2017):
I decided to make prototype in Unity rather using other software.
Some feature is canceled.

Character update

Well, the project abandoned from the last post since I’ve got to hospital for two days. And then become too lazy after not working on it. Arght, me!! 😦

There’s only a bit update, a slightly preview for new character design. Two lollies, I introduce you Misty and Echia!! Nia on the left for height reference only… 😀


Days 12 – Announcement: corrections of mistakes

Ok, first thing first, I’m really sorry, but there’s some change in plan in my VN development. There’s some point that I will try to explain in thispost. Which is:

The Story will not finished in 10.000 words

The visual novel will not be finished in about 10.000 words like I told you in the first post. It’s because I already reached 10.0000 words  and the story still have a long way to go until reach the ending. Plus, There’s still a background story of each character needed to be completed. Because of that, there’s some decision that I need to reconsider, like to let the background story in the main story or become a DLC.

There’s another problem because of this change. Before, I want this game to be a completed free. But if the story reach about 54k words, I probably will consider this game to be a payed game. Why? With a long story, The resource needed become increased too. And I even need more time to develop it until it finally finished.

But if the words count are more less than that, I will keep it as a free games. I guess that’s a fair thing.

And, there’s another thing that I need to clarify before. Even the game not finished, the game still release as a demo. That mean, after the 10k words finished, my main focus is to release the demo rather than finished the story. The purpose of this is to promote the game and get the funding needed for final game so the story can be done.

The Prototype will not use sprite character created by me

I deeply apologized about this one for what I said on day-10 post. Before I told you that, “I will implement all the sprite character in the prototype with my own art”, but I guess I will not do that. There’s another problem in it, since the sprite I create doesn’t implement any expression.

The main use of prototype is to see how the game will become. Without a corrected expression of any sprite character, this purpose  will not happened. It’s to prevent the risk of the developed system heavily changed from the plan. It’s kind of complicated for me to explain, but, what I need to tell is I need the prototype as same behavior as the developed game. I hope you can understand that.

I probably will use licensed sprite or maybe derived common attribute art. I still need some man sprite to be presented in the prototype since I already have the woman/girl one. But I should choose the sprite wisely, so the prototype is not as good as the implemented game. :p

The story changed in the process of translation and prototyping

This is actually a bad thing. That mean I need to have two ways of translation to make the story can accepted by logic, and it takes a lot of a time. There’s even a heavy changed of story that make me remove about 500 words and added about more than 1000 words for just one event.

Why there so much change in this step? There’s a technical reason in that.  Some of it because of the format of visual novel. I need all texts to be fit in the text box. If it’s overflowing, I need to separate it to two paragraph and I still need it to become easy to read so the reader not confused about what they read.

That’s even a case which make the text became weird to read when it separated. So I need to add,removed, or move some paragraph so it can be fit to my feeling. There even more technical things that I couldn’t tell since it’s complicated.

But the good thing is, the story still not implemented. The benefit of prototype can bee seen in this step since I can prevent some mistakes and useless effort before it really happened.

* * * * * * *

And there are things that I could report now. There probably much more needed to be told, but maybe I will continue it in the next progress report. For now, Thank you for your attention,

In Regard,